You will need the following information in order to start your website.

1) Domain name:

  • The domain is your website address and can be any name that hasn’t been taken on the internet.  Our domain name is
  • You can use any domain name that you want and do not have to be a registered company name.
  • You can check if your domain is available at the following link: click here to check

2) Internet Provider Details

  • We will need your internet provider’s details. (How do you go onto the Internet? Mweb, Vodacom, MTN…)

3) Page Content

  • Information about your company, such as contact details, overview, mission and services offered.
  • Product or service information.
  • What do you offer? Any additional information you want to make available to your clients?
  • Key words that clients might associate your business with.

4) Company logo

  • Include a standard company logo if required, otherwise a Web-template canbe used.