Imagine that everyone on this world were known by their telephone numbers instead of their names, each person’s name having 10 digits! Sounds like nightmare, right? Domain names were invented to fill a similar need on the Internet. DOMAIN NAME is a recognized system for assigning addresses to Internet Web Servers.

Computers connected to the Internet are identified by unique series of numbers called IP address (Ex: IP stands for “INTERNET PROTOCOL”, and they are not easy to remember. If you type an IP address into the URL bar of your browser you will be connected to the computer it represents. Since IP addresses are so difficult to remember, the DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM (DNS) was invented in 1983 to help people connect to specific computers , servers and content.

The domain name must be registered before you can use it. A domain name can be any combination of letters, numbers and Hyphens , and it can be used in combination of the various domain name extensions, such as .com, .net and more. Every domain name is unique. No two website can have the same domain name ( at least the suffix must be different, for example if you own other may have or etc.)

Here are some of the examples of Internet Domain Names:


Now question arises How the Domain Names are spelled?

1)      Domain names are organized right to left, with general descriptors to the right, and specific descriptors to the left. These descriptors are called “domains”.

2)      There are two levels in Domain Name, “top level domains” and”middle level domains“.

3)      Levels of domains are separated by periods (“dots”).

  • gmail, yahoo, monster, goharsh etc are specific descriptions, they at left and .com, .org, .mil etc are general descriptions, so they are at right of the Domain Name.
  • In the above example gmail, goharsh, monster, navy are middle level domains and .com, .ca, .edu are top level domains.
  • In example – yahoo is the small middle level domain, .co is larger middle level domain and .in is the top level domain.

A Domain Name and URL are not the same:

Actually the domain name is the part of larger internet address called URL. The URL gives much more detail than domain name, including specific page address, folder name and machine name. BTW every URL consists of domain name with these details after them.

Here are some examples of URL:

Here in the list above all four of them are URLs and not domain names, But they do contain their domain names in the URL, for example if you take the first URL, The domain of that URL is which you can see inside the URL along with free-backlinks extension which points the specific location of the file on the server hosted for that particular domain name.

What is a sub domain name?

A sub domain is totally different from a Domain name, A sub domain is created by using a specific word containing numbers, letters or hyphens Follow by a DOT before the domain name.

For example if the domain name is then it can have any number of sub domains created, for example may be one of them.

Domain names can be registered on your name , if you register a domain name, then you will also own all possible sub domains of that domain.