Google OneBox for Enterprise

Access information from every corner of your business. Right from the search box.

Just as you can get a weather forecast, movie listings or stock quotes directly from the search box on, you can now access up-to-the-minute enterprise information right from the search box on your Google Search Appliance or your Google Mini. Press play on the video below for a demonstration.

google Onebox


A new feature of the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini, Google OneBox for Enterprise delivers relevant, real-time information from enterprise sources, such as CRM, ERP and business intelligence systems, based on a user’s search query. Google OneBox for Enterprise can provide users with secure access to everything from simple phone book listings to graphs of inventory levels and sales trends. Current OneBox partners include Cisco, Cognos, Employease, Netsuite, Oracle,, and SAS – and the list keeps growing. Google OneBox for Enterprise will help your users:

Make informed decisions faster – Easily and access real-time information from enterprise systems using a single search box.

See the big picture – View all sides of an issue with relevant information from multiple systems presented in a unified user interface.

Focus on what’s important – See only OneBox results that are relevant to their search query.

View only the appropriate information – Securely access only the content that they are allowed to see, respecting all access control capabilities of the respective enterprise systems.

Access even more data sources – We’re launching with a great set of OneBox partners. Better still, we’ve made it easy to build your own OneBox module to reach your specific data sources.